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What sets Tailgating Bros Apart from the rest?

What sets Tailgating Bros apart from other companies is how important it is to us to merge the experience with the product. At our events, you get the chance to hang out, have a good time, and enjoy our expansive variety of cornhole boards. Our boards are made for your entertainment and at our events, you get to come and try your hand at our bags and boards.

We emphasize the importance of community involvement and giving back to the customer. The point of our events is to bring together like-minded people that enjoy having fun and relaxing over a few brews. Tailgating isn’t tailgating if it isn’t fun — make sure you are having fun with Tailgating Bros.

Most companies look at customers as strictly profit. At Tailgating Bros, we want to bring our customers together and foster a community. We aim to grow friendships. We design our products around having fun and making the most out of your parties. Even Negative Nancy is going to want to toss a few bags after she sees how fun and cool our cornhole boards are! Negative Nancys turn into Natty Nancys (ha, get it?) after our tailgating parties.

Through our partying experience, things can get pretty boring after the game is over. There’s no better way to keep your friends and family going than with our cornhole boards! They will sure to be tossing late into the night. Keep your girl in check with all the babes you’ll be reeling in with your mad cornhole skills [insert crazy ex disclaimer here], brought to you, of course, by Tailgating Bros!

Do not let your next game-day fall short! Come out and gear up for your next party while kicking back and enjoying some of our beloved liquid gold. You won’t be disappointed and you will sure to be marking your calendars and setting your phone reminders for our next tailgating event.

At our events, rid your game-day blues with our tailgating brews. You get to come and experience what it truly means to tailgate. We will help you forget about your terrible draft-picks and put your mind back into party-mode with the bros. Crack open a cold one and relax as you hang out with some cool people and toss a few rounds into some of our awesome boards. We pride ourselves in our quality and custom designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

We are a veteran-based company that prioritizes bringing our veteran community and those alike together during our events to network and create friendships. Through our events, we aim to show our appreciation to our beloved customers while creating a place for them to call home.

Make your next game-day a memorable one with our quality products!

Stay tuned for details about our next tailgating event where you can come see for yourself why we take so much pride in our company. We’ll bring the beers, boards, and bags; you just have to show up!

Tailgating Bros — making your next game-day an experience!

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