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Reasons to leave the house...

Need an excuse to get out of the house and have some fun? We have the solution for you at Tailgating Bros! We are a veteran-based company that aims to bring the veteran community and those alike together to relax and have a good time while enjoying our products.

Drop in on any of our tailgating events and you won’t want to leave! You’ll be so filled with the spirit of cornhole and ice cold beer, you won’t even notice that you haven’t made it in the hole in three throws (kidding — we know you’re a pro)!

Make cornhole the keystone of your tailgating parties. Previously lackluster parties are now teeming with excitement and fun-filled competition with the inclusion of our awesome cornhole boards! No longer will your guests be leaving disappointed and avoiding your future shindigs. You may not come with satisfaction guaranteed, but our cornhole boards sure do!

Here at Tailgating Bros, we provide the fun for all of your tailgating and party adventures. Our variety in products caters to all likes of humans! With our custom boards and designs, you are sure to find something to satisfy your craving for a good time that won’t get you in trouble with your lady friend.

There is nothing worse than getting to a party and having nothing to do; the game is over and everyone has run out of small-talk and that one weird chick is throwing around ideas like Monopoly and Grey’s Anatomy drinking games and you are trying to think of a believable excuse to get out of there. Bringing your cornhole boards and bags from Tailgating Bros will make you the life (and savior) of the party! Who knows, you may even be inclined to ‘accidentally’ hit bad-idea-girl with your bag (using your impeccable aiming from all cornhole you play). We want to ensure that you are never bored at a party again!

Tailgating Bros specializes in fun and we aim to please you guys. We want to bring our passion for beer and cornhole together to help make you feel right at home. At Tailgating Bros, our customers are not just consumers, but part of the family. Come on down and make yourself one of the bros!

We host tailgating events to show our appreciation for our customers and our community. You get the chance to relax, enjoy a few (or ten) cold ones, and engage in some bag-throwing to blow off some steam from the week. Get involved and network with awesome dudes that love hanging out, enjoying some brews, and having a good time.

Community involvement is a priority for us — our customers expect a good time and boy, do we deliver! At our events, you will find plenty of brewskies, fun activities and games, and cool people to hang out with. You get to enjoy your brew and have fun all while getting the chance to browse some of our cool and unique boards that are essential tailgating gear.

Come hang out and experience the fun of Tailgating Bros!

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