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Reasons to C.O.R.N.H.O.L.E.

There are tons of beneficial reasons to entertain the concept of cornhole, whether you’re hosting it at your super cool tailgate or you’re showing off your sweet coordination skills at one of Tailgating Bros’ local events. It’s obvious that the game brings confidence with each individual throw, even when you follow up your overthrow with the excuse of intoxication. However, the game is much more than just a reason to try and impress your friends, crush, or anyone else you think you’re fooling. Take a look at the word and discover the hidden answers to all your cornhole doubts (even though we know you don’t have any).

Community: The first letter in the beloved word is probably the most important. Cornhole is a great activity for bringing people together, whether it’s old friends or new acquaintances. Here at Tailgating Bros we strive to merge the experience with the product as well as bring like-minded people together for an unforgettable time. The sport is absolutely a group effort, consisting of both your partner and opponent. That’s why community is a vital part in the bonding aspect of cornhole escapades.

Opportunity: Cornhole brings a plethora of opportunities to the table. As previously stated, it’s an opportunity to impress your friends, boss, crush, significant other, parents of your significant other, etc. Aside from exemplifying your cornhole athleticism, the game is an opportunity to meet people. Jumping in on a game of cornhole with people you don’t know breaks the ice immediately. You’re all after the same thing: a good time with a side of victory. Furthermore, the game breaks you out of your shell and allows you to spread your wings.

Rightfulness: You simply cannot go wrong with cornhole. With so much relying on the way in which you toss a bag, there isn’t any room for cheating or dishonesty. The game is black and white with a definite winner and copious sportsmanship. Win or lose, the most important thing is that we all have fun.

Navigation: Cornhole is terrific practice for hand-eye coordination. Whether you’re teaching your one year old the ways of getting a bag into a hole or perfecting the throw yourself, cornhole allows everyone to practice basic skills while having a good time. Spice things up and play while holding a beer in your hand to get the full coordination experience.

Hospitality: Be the perfect host with arguably the best lawn game out there. Featuring cornhole at any of your parties will undoubtedly liven up the atmosphere and give your guests something to do when Grandpa goes on his “back in my day” rants. Incorporate cornhole at your events and let the game entertain your guests for you.

Operational: One of the great aspects about cornhole is that it is always ready to use. Forget the tedious act of setting up beer pong; give your guests the opportunity to initiate a game without any effort. Another plus to the sport is that it can easily become a drinking game (let’s be real, anything can be a drinking game).

Leisurely: Most games deemed as sports can get strenuous and feel as though you’re working more than playing. Cornhole allows for a relaxing time while staying competitive. Don’t like putting much effort into playing games? No problem. Cornhole requires as little effort as you want. On the contrary, if you’re a super competitive bro and like doing the most, cornhole can be used as an intense arm workout while putting your superior hand-eye coordination to the test.

Everybody: The number one reason why cornhole is such a popular demand is the variety of ages that can participate in the game. Whether it’s your daughter’s fifth birthday party or your grandparent’s anniversary get-together, cornhole is suitable for everyone. It’s a game that can be featured at any and all events to provide ample entertainment.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons to include cornhole at your events. Be the best host we know you can be and incorporate a superior quality set of Tailgating Bros cornhole boards with a design of your choice into your festivities, and let the game do the entertaining for you. We work, you play.

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