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Kick off the weekend right.

Are you having trouble bringing fun into your parties? Are you starting to feel like you throw parties Monica Geller would throw? Kudos if you got the Friends reference and just much respect if you did not (I mean, it’s not like you didn’t have it on in the background when you were trying to get to second base with your girlfriend on your living room couch). Change it up and throw one of our custom cornhole boards into the mix (your parties — not your make out sessions)! Our boards are the solution to bringing your party back to life and making sure your friends and family are actually having fun.

Get to know us here at Tailgating Bros and you will see why we have such a loyal customer base. If you love beer, cornhole, and meeting new and awesome people then get your a** down here and join the party!

At our events, you get to try out some of our awesome products for yourself and drink copious amounts of beer with super chill and fun people. What’s not to love about Tailgating Bros? We have the best things in life covered for you: fun, beer, and cornhole. Crack open a can of liquid gold and get tossin’!

Our custom boards are suitable for all gentlemen and gentle-ladies! The variety that we offer ensures that you get exactly what you want when you walk through our doors. There’s no more “hmmm”-ing and “hawww”-ing. You get what you want!

Here at Tailgating Bros, we encourage you to leave your wife at the nail salon and join us in releasing your inner frat bro (minus the d-bag attitude). Engage in some tailgating shenanigans with your favorite dudes and support a local company that just wants to help its customers have fun.

We know what it means to really party (tailgating is kind of our thing). We are a no-beer-funneling-required establishment that has all of your partying essentials! Do not let your next game-day leave your loved ones snoring — get all of your tailgating gear here at Tailgating Bros.

Tailgating Bros is a veteran-based business run by vets aiming to bring our veteran community and those alike together to have a good time and hang out with the bros. It is our chance to give back to you guys.

Tailgating Bros strives to merge the product with the experience. That is why we host frequent tailgating events where we provide you with brews, boards, and a bangin’ good time. Our parties give you the opportunity to try out some of our awesome and high-quality boards! So get on down here and toss a few bags over some ice cold beer!

Our events aim to give back to the well-deserved community through beer, fun, and some good ol’ cornhole. We appreciate all that you guys have done for our country and want to present you with a chill place to relax and have a good time. Come on down to our next event and make yourself at home!

Tailgating Bros — we work, you play!

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