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Festivities of the Fourth

Are you one of those people who wait around all year long for summer to be here but then don’t take as much advantage as you would like to once it does finally get here? Then, one summer morning you wake up and it’s already July? Yeah, that happened to us, too. That’s why we’re making sure no more days go by without some fun in the sun (with the exception of rainy days, in which lazy days are then in order).


There never needs to be a reason to go outside and enjoy the weather. Any day that ends in “y” is a perfect justification for being with nature, whether that’s going for a solitary hike or playing cornhole with some buddies in your backyard. But just in case you’re one of those people who feel like fun is only to be had when there is no work left or there’s a legitimate reason behind the merriment, we’ve got the perfect excuse. Remember earlier when we brought up the whole July-approaching-fast thing? Well, July is upon us and so is the best holiday celebrated in America: the Fourth of July.

Independence Day is the ideal day where you get to take advantage of all the cool things you like to do. It’s a day where we can really cherish the ways in which we take part in society, whether that be through work or opportunities for leisure. Most Americans execute the idea by throwing one of the biggest parties of the year, celebrating with good food, sparklers and a top-notch alcohol selection of Budweiser and Jack Daniels. They turn on their best party music playlist and make sure there is red, white and blue themed desserts. You would think those nice commodities would be enough for the average guest, but there’s just one thing missing: entertainment.

Americans love to stay busy, and even more, take part in a challenge. That’s why games like cornhole and yardzee are essentials for throwing outdoor parties and tailgates. The last thing you want is your guests to feel bored or like they’re doing you a favor by showing up and sticking around. In order for your guests to feel genuinely enthused, you have to be the badass host that we know you can be and incorporate cornhole and/or yardzee into your Fourth of July extravaganza.

To prepare you all for another year of independence celebration (which is in *5* days), we want to make sure you have hottest games at your July Fourth festivities. As a celebratory gift of America, we’re giving our readers the discount code: “MERICA” for 10% off your entire order. Put the icing on the cake by featuring a superior quality set of cornhole boards at your party. The best part about yard games is that they never go out of style and can be used on multiple occasions!

At Tailgating Bros, we’re all about helping others and giving back. We want to make sure our customers have the highest form of satisfaction, deriving from their guests’ satisfaction. Help us help you throw the best parties and tailgates possible with our custom cornhole boards made to fulfill each and every one of your needs. Hop over to our “Accessories” page and check out our featured designs, such as our United States Army or The Punisher Thin Blue Line sets, or contact us with your desired designs!

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