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Dare to be Different

A significant goal here at Tailgating Bros is to provide a great experience through product utilization. What better way to emphasize that than to create an environment where fun and art collide? We take pride in our unique designs because we want to ensure our customers not only love the act of playing the game, but also love the look. Visual representation is a big aspect in connecting with a product, and we want to make sure your connection is the deepest. How else are you supposed to get that bag into the hole if you don’t have an in-depth visualization of it doing so? Effortless talent only takes you so far.

One distinctive attribute that sets Tailgating Bros apart from other cornhole brands is the quality. Picture this: you get invited to a barbecue on a beautiful Saturday afternoon where there’s great food, good music and only the best lawn games. You spot cornhole and immediately head over to claim your game with an extra beer by your side and a few arms stretches. As you approach the boards, the skies suddenly turn dark with roars of thunder and it feels as if the world is caving in on you. Aside from the blank design featured on the surface, you notice something else. “Plastic. Boards,” you say to yourself as your spirits are severely crushed. Furthermore, you notice the subpar bean rags that are trying to be passed as cornhole bags. Your cornhole yearnings have suddenly diminished and you resort to sitting alone in a corner for the rest of the barbeque, contemplating your life. This whole scenario could have been avoided by shopping at Tailgating Bros.

We want to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction; that’s why we strive for the best materials and distinctive designs. Whether it’s a sport, military branch, or your favorite color, we’re here to give you what you want. We have a variety of unique designs to choose from, or you can customize your own. Be original in a world of similarities.

How many times have you gone to a party, or invited guests to your own, only to be discouraged because someone showed up wearing the same shirt, flaunting the same dessert, or showing off the same game that you have? At Tailgating Bros, we promise you that won’t be the case with our equipment. Let your favorite team be known by scoring the custom-made WVU boards; or show your respect for fellow veterans by obtaining a sick U.S. Army set.

Tailgating Bros is all about providing the best experience possible through the manifestation of our products. Help us help you host a higher quality event with a game that’s fun for everyone. With the look you want, cornhole can be the foundation of friendships and memories.

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