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A Journey Begins

Tailgating Bros focuses on having a good time and would like to foster a community where veterans can get together and have fun. It is an excellent way to not only network with like-minded people with similar interests, but to work on that throwing technique that you keep telling yourself is ‘flawless’.

You can compare your tossing methods and maybe pick up a few tricks while you throw back a few brewskis and share stories with the guys. We want to provide the ultimate oasis for dudes to come and hang out and break free from the everyday grind and nagging wives.


Through these tailgating events, you will get to see and experience the quality and variety of cornhole boards that we offer. We create custom designs to suit our customers’ needs and ensure they have complete satisfaction with our product. Our bags and boards are quintessential to the ultimate tailgating experience that will make you the go-to for future partying with all your buddies.

Tailgating Bros plans to host events for veterans where the guys can get together, drink some excellent beer (or the golden nectar, as some might say), and perfect their throwing skills with a few rounds of cornhole. What better way to spend the evening?

Not only will the bros be gathering at your place for the ultimate cornhole experience, but the ladies will be flocking to try their hand at a hole-in-one (wink). Everyone knows it’s not the size of the bag, but the quality of the board. You’ll be beating ’em off with a stick by the end of the night with your super-cool custom board design!

Our goal is to make tailgating the ultimate experience, which is why we offer customizable designs for boards in addition to our tailgating events. Whether you toss over or under (you know what I mean) you’ll feel right at home — assuming you can make it in the hole.



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